Don't be the victim in your next film 

The director called "Action" but it was a train that called "Cut."

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Stacey Trayling

No movie or shortcut is worth your life.

With his headphones on and his hands in his pockets, he walked along the tracks. Unbeknownst to him, a train was heading straight for his back.

Andrew West

Andrew West

As Ty walked along the tracks listening to music on his iPod, he was unaware of the fact that a train was travelling at full speed toward him.

Real life. Real tragedy.

Ty King

Ty King

Stacey endured 15 hours of surgery while doctors worked to re-attach her arm, during which she flatlined several times.

Stacey Trayling

"Now every time I pass that location, I'm reminded of the tragic events that took place there."

Terry Brennan

Locomotive Engineer